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Kamta Girls' Degree College affiliated to the University of kanpur, was founded on the 2nd day of July, 2008 within the premises of a large campus spread over an area of 5 , Uttar Pradesh, India.

The College is a self-financing institution managed by a team Management Committee. The committee members belong to various walks of life and the founder of the college is its chairman.

Since its very inception Kamta Girls' Degree College has been striving hard to create a stimulating, invigorating, interactive teaching-learning environment, to provide avenues opportunities and knowledge-base to students for developing their skills abilities, attitudes, qualities and capacities, organize activities to promote a social environment andethos conducive for the nurturance of cooperation, empathy, better communication skills and compassion in its members and generate social, human qualities and characteristics, vision and foresight-all with the aim to help students get them transformed into not only confident operators capable of attaining optimal levels of performance and success in all endeavors of their life and living, but also make them grow into enriched, wholesome persons, useful productive social beings and wise, compassionate citizens and future decision-makers of this Country Nurturance and inculcation of qualities and habits like sense of purpose and perseverance, doing hard work with sincerity, dedication and commitment, seeing dreams and visions for the future of the country in general and mankind in particular and building confidence, capacities to realize the dreams and face the challenges with poise and grace and accept success and failure both with equanimity and serenity, are some of the major aspirations and ambitions of this College.

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